Politeness costs you nothing, but it gets you everything

I’ve just been to a cash machine in London’s Kentish Town. This machine cheerfully told me my current balance. I nearly fell over with excitement. Had my bank account somehow become muddled up with those of Bill Gates, The Aga Khan and The Queen of Sheba? Or had my professional advisors delivered the goods?

Other people’s money is opium

The old European Economic Community was worthy of support for political reasons, thinking that, if we traded principally with each other, we were less likely to go to war again. This turned out to be fairly sound. Then the disaster of Maastricht happened.

French Farewell

We need help in rehearsing French graduates to get a job in advertising in London. If you’re interested, please get in touch. You won’t be paid but you will be featured on this blog. You will need an advertising background and recent experience in interviewing job candidates.