Creativity and Added Value

Creative thinker

Rory Sutherland

The gentleman on the left is Rory Sutherland.
He works at Ogilvy in London and is its Vice President. I was intending to include him in my blog yesterday which had looked at the nature of creativity. I was going to end the blog by writing this, but dinner got in the way:
“Anyway, I don’t really know that much about the creative process when compared with people like Rory Sutherland. He must think about the issue a great deal more than I ever will. Just before starting this piece, I was chasing invoices. I’m sure he has teams of sweating account managers for him.”
So, have a look at Rory on TED. Just click on this link, and enjoy, in particular, the passage about squares and diamonds.”
The next two blogs will cover what happened to me on 9/11 nearly ten years ago, and will then have a look at how The Portman Group works. Kay Perry has gamely agreed to explain it to me.