Just Got Paid!

Microsoft Italia just paid me

Just Got Paid!

Ok, yes, you’re right. That’s not really me on the left. And, yes, she’s probably just plundered an ancient Macedonian tomb for all I care, which I don’t.

But I do know how she feels.

I just got paid.

Barbara Zighetti in Milan made it happen four days early, for which I warmly thank her. I didn’t know that my client’s terms are 90 days when I said yes to the job, but I do now.

And, now I know, it will be a great deal easier for me to schedule things. Cash-flow matters.

Had my Italian client said they’d pay me after twenty years, I still would have taken the job. In my Will, I would have cheerfully written, “The money which I earned at the beginning of October 2011, doing a job for Microsoft in Italy, I leave to my first-born great-grandchild.”

And I would have been quite happy about it.

The bugger is not knowing. When it comes to money, I don’t want surprises. I sat in a grown-up meeting, with an interesting new client recently, listening to a colleague negotiate. She got us a firm agreement with no ambiguities. We now know when money is due. And that means we can schedule our own payments.

I’m working for her on this project, but I’d be bonkers not to take her with me when I’m next negotiating on my own account.

And she’ll be worth it. I find no difficulty getting business. It’s getting paid that’s the problem.

Civilisations are killed by uncertainty. If it hasn’t rained for the past five years, what is the point of remaining in what is now a desert? And so it is, too, with businesses. If you don’t know when you’re going to be paid, you, too, will be  parched and failed. It is weak cashflow which kills businesses.

But, for the time being, I now have sufficient money in my bank to pay my creditors and to buy my wife, Sally, a glass or two of  Chassagne-Montrachet to slake her thirst, too.

So, no harm done.

And, thanks, Barbara.

Time now to find out about Colonel Gadaffi. Has he accepted defeat, yet?