On The Road Again

The EACA wagon starts to roll

Yup, I'm on the road again

Tomorrow, with a spry spring in my step, I’m off to Frankfurt to join the EACA team to teach an eager audience of European account handlers. (The poor things; they have no idea.)

My task is to tackle the issues of organisational efficiency and project management. I suppose I was asked to do this because I survived 29 years in advertising, and therefore must have been doing something right.

Actually, I learnt early and quickly that the best course of action was to get someone else to do all the work and then to take all the credit. It usually worked.

In the middle of the LP cover to the left is Bob “The Bear” Hite, who, alas, is dead, his death probably hastened by walking into me at Heathrow‘s Terminal Three one day at the end of the Sixties. I came up to his belly button. I remember it well.

Hite had a lot of hits, such as Let’s Work Together and Goin’ Up Country, sang in an extraordinary counter-tenor pitch, and died young, but his big hit was On The Road Again. And that’s me.  After a two month break, following Copenhagen in November 2010, I’m on the road again.

Anyway, most of you reading this will not have the foggiest idea what an LP was, so we’ll move on, and I’ll try to prove that I really am part of the digital age by encouraging you to have a look at an interview conducted by Polish TV in Warsaw last year with me. It concerns why traditional advertising agencies are taking a beating. I came across the interview by chance on YouTube two days ago, and was surprised because I thought the item had never been aired owing to some trenchant remarks by me.

If you disagree with what I said, or would like to add to it, please get in touch and tell me. I’ll then use your comments in a later blog when I get back from Frankfurt.

Finally, dates for Istanbul and Barcelona have now been agreed. If you want to join the Barcelona Summer School in July, please visit the EACA website. There are one or two tickets left, I think.