How Do I Get My Blog Read?

Interactifs needs to raise its profile

A blog in need of readers

A friend of mine, who has been patiently waiting for a month for me to write this blog, asked me what he should do to get his company’s blog read.

The company is a French one, Interactifs, and is now in the UK.¬† It’s keen to raise its profile, which shouldn’t be that hard bearing in mind that only a handful of people in the UK have heard of it so far.

Interactifs specialises in helping businessmen and women to get the most out of interactions  between people. This applies especially to handling meetings so that they are constructive and have a acceptable, successful outcome for all participants.

This doesn’t initially sound like fertile ground for a blog, but many successful blogs are based upon stories, so interesting tales from the case histories of Interactifs could be very helpful reading. These tales could be written by Alan (my chum) or could be contributions from people who have used Interactifs and have a cheerful story to tell.

Blogs are no different to websites or any other use of the internet such as Facebook, Digg, Twitter and so on. And that means SEO applies.

  1. The most important element of a blog is interesting, relevant material which is frequently updated. Without this, there is no reason for readers to bother reading it, neither will Google pay any attention to it. If this is a glimpse of the bleeding obvious for you, I can assure you that it is not so obvious to many bloggers.
  2. Make sure that everyone in your address book, and all with whom you are linked, know about your blog. LinkedIn and Facebook both allow you to link your blog to your pages on both sites. Just go to Applications on LinkedIn and follow the instructions. Your chums on LinkedIn will then get a message every time you post a new blog. Again, Google takes inbound links very seriously, so encourage your friends to link to your blog.
  3. Tag your blog. Google reads these tags, and uses them to direct people to relevant content. No tags = No readers.
  4. If you have a website, link that to the blog. Similarly, use Twitter to tell readers that you have posted a new blog. Better still, have a website which is really a blog. WordPress is ideal for this.
  5. If your blog is a company blog – in other words, there might be some money to help publicise the thing – try using AdWords. Pay Per Click can be very effective for blogs simply because few bloggers have the personal funds to afford it.

There are, of course, any number of additional ways to get your blog read. If I’ve missed anything crucial, then please post a comment and pointing out my ignorance, but it’s clear that interesting, relevant and frequently updated material is the key element.

And this requires frequent, fresh, thought.

Click here to read the Interactifs’ blog.