Three Reasons To Blog

Your blog should be a welcome source of information

Style is as important as content

Why should anyone blog? Not many people make a reasonable living out of it. If I didn’t run a blog, the world would not be a poorer place. Questions would not be raised in Parliament.

In my case, I blog for three specific reasons. These do not cover all the possible reasons for blogging but they do cover a fairly wide range:

  1. Digital footprint: an active blog with relevant content will be noticed by Google. This helps my overall digital ranking. Type stephen greensted into Google, and you’ll see what I mean.
  2. Digital credentials: I teach digital marketing for The European Association of Communications Agencies. My credentials to do so would look pretty feeble if I couldn’t easily demonstrate that I know something about the topic. A blog is perfect for this.
  3. Online cv: the combination of a website, LinkedIn and a blog give potential new clients the opportunity to assess whether or not it’s worth talking to me. Hmm. I wonder why the phone hasn’t been ringing recently?

There are, of course, plenty of other reasons to blog. In an earlier blog, I pointed out that they can contribute greatly to SEO because Google looks for recent, relevant and rich content. This explains why many commercial websites have a blog, often described as News, even though they don’t expect any customers to read it. They run the blog because they know Google will read it.  And, with combined with, the company in December 2010 had a 90.24% of the UK search market, so who can blame them?

Other valid reasons for blogging include running a social blog if you’re not on Facebook, building a reputation as an expert so that you can persuade a publisher like Hodder Headline to publish a book of yours, using the blog to push a political point of view, or running a blog to make money.

One of the great things about a blog is that you soon find out what people find useful. and also what makes them laugh. Tone is very important. Your blog should be easy to read, and that means it should not be pompous, and it should neither lecture nor be verbose. Five hundred words is about the limit.

Finally, the experience I’ve had with this blog has been a very warm one, and I thank all of you, the most recent being Roger Morris, for your thoughts and encouragement.

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year.

PS The word count for this blog is 423.