The Curtain Falls on The 2010 European Tour


Lombardy 9 November 2010

Will Golding and colleague


At 4pm in the afternoon of 18 November, on a chilly day in Copenhagen, Bjorn Karsholt, the managing director of  The Danish Association of Advertising and Relationship Agencies (DRRB), led me out of the beautiful Chamber of Commerce, and gave me clear instructions.

“Walk up this road for two hundred metres, get on the Metro and go straight to the airport at Kastrup.”

My 2010 European Tour was over.

I had loved every minute, even when things went wrong, which they did on a regular basis. I had just spent three days in Denmark, split between Aarhus and Copenhagen, having been delayed at Heathrow by fog for six hours.

The previous week I’d spent a couple of days in Milan with Microsoft Italia, having been invited by Will Golding to run a digital bootcamp.

There were six consecutive pitches for the Microsoft participants, and, in the technical jargon of cyberspace to which we shall have to get used, we were completely knackered by the end of it.

That said, in the final pitch, which concerned Microsoft’s Hyper-V server, all three teams, especially the final one, came up with really excellent proposals for driving sales.

Hyper-V is a virtualised server which is ideal for cloud computing. I was lucky to know a little about the system from Computer Precision which sells and installs them in the UK, and which made me seem for once that I knew what I was talking about.

I hope the attendees enjoyed the course, and learnt something from it. The pitches included the launch of the Renault Espace Max, Little Green Earthlets re-usable diapers, a project for The Danish Film Institute, a big recent social protest in the UK, and the selling of the island of Pantelleria. I had thought that a bunch of Microsoft geeks might think some of these briefs slightly beneath them, but I was completely wrong. They were an impressive bunch. I hope they invite me back.

Finally, I now have a Microsoft global vendor number. Does this mean that I’ll get paid?