They Liked Us More Than I Thought

Only EACA School students eat noodles while jumping for joy.

Our students jump for joy whilst eating noodles.

This is going to be a Very Short Blog, so please don’t go through the usual fortifying rigmarole.

Yes, you know what I mean.

It goes, “Oh no! Dear Lord, you promised me no more Greensted Blogs! How can I trust you!?!  Well, no more slaughter of lambs and first borns! This is serious. I shall have to fortify myself with a glass or two of Lagavulin before I can face it.”

Well, alright, have the whisky if you must, but this really is short.

In an earlier blog, I tried to describe what it was like in Paris at ISCOM in July, attempting to teach in 34C.

Much to my surprise, the students remained very cheerful.

Here’s the video they made to promote The EACA School.