Another Day, Another Adoring Crowd


Avro Tutor

The 2010 European Tour Thunders On


Yes. It was inevitable. My fan club in Europe still wants me. And who can blame them? Europeans are a canny bunch, and they can spot quality when they see it.

So far this year, we have delighted the populations of Greece, Warsaw, Paris, Kiev and Istanbul. But this was not enough for the right thinking folk of  Europe. They wanted more.

So, the 2010 European Tour rumbles on, with a new gig in Milan to run a Digital Bootcamp on 9 November, and to teach digital marketing in both Aarhus and Copenhagen later that month.

The EACA School has promised transport, having secured the services of a 1930s Avro Tutor (see above) which I’m told will have an engine by the end of the month. I’ll be allowed to take a couple of USB sticks with me, but a laptop will definitely take us over the weight limit.