Getting Traffic To Your Site

David Edmund-Jones

I recently got a call from a friend whom I haven’t seen since the middle of the 1970s. He’d stumbled across me on the web, and wondered if I could suggest ways of driving traffic to his new venture:

He’s pictured on the right, and he’s David Edmund-Jones.

One of the routes that interest him is using Facebook to build a fan club. We talked about this, but the problem concerning getting a fan club going is that you can’t force people to be a fan.

A better way to start is to think about how to build an internet profile which gets seen by sports fans. If they like what they see, it’ll be a good deal easier setting up a fan page on Facebook.

Internet profiles depend upon Google spotting you exist. How do you do this?

Google substantially changed its algorithms over six months ago. It dramatically downgraded the importance of meta-tags, on the grounds that they are a poor guide to relevance. Relevant content, the more the better, was greatly raised in importance, as were frequency of site visits and recency of up-dating. Relevant inbound links were also greatly increased in importance. The need for relevant content in quantity, frequently updated, partly explains the huge proliferation of blogs.

Google aims to provide the fastest service for directing web enquiries to the most relevant page, so these changes make a lot of sense, especially since the algorithms now make it rare for Google to direct you to a dead site unless there are no live alternatives.

So, how do you take advantage of this, especially if your site is written in Flash, which Google can’t read?

It’s hard work initially, but gets easier as you build the profile. Use every route that comes to mind:

  • Set up your Facebook page. Load relevant content on to it. Link it to your website
  • Get a blog going with lots of content. Update it frequently and link it
  • Have a point of view, and use Twitter to publicise it
  • Encourage site visitors to link to your site (Don’t use link bundlers. Google will probably notice and penalise you for it, moving your site down the rankings)
  • If you can afford it, use AdWords. This definitely boosts your visibility to Google
  • Sign up to LinkedIn, and get your business contacts to look at your new site. Google notices inbound traffic
  • Get great website reviews

This is just a start, but keep at it. Your site’s profile will go up the rankings the more effort you put into it. Remember that web visibility is in direct proportion to your site’s relevance and your efforts in promoting it.

If you’re feeling helpful, please click on Sportz Zone here. This will generate inbound traffic to the site, and therefore help raise its visibility.