A Cunning Plan Indeed

An ancient form of SEO

We, too, have a Cunning Plan

Search Engine Optimisation is a major business.

In Roman times, there would probably have been a God of SEO. Caligula would have sacrificed Senators on his altar to the great God. I can see the attraction in this.

One of my clients has come up with an SEO Cunning Plan.

This client has a cosy shop in Buckinghamshire, and also a website.

Recently, the shop manager had an idea.

We all agreed it was about time.

But this was a very good idea.

Whenever someone she didn’t know bought something in the shop, she asked how they found the shop. If they said the dread word, “Google,” she asked them a second, killer, question.

“What did you type into Google?”

This is SEO, search engine optimisation, in the raw. She always writes down and uses the answers.

The effects have been startling.

The manager now has a very good range of search words and phrases. Most have been tested in AdWords and Google Analytics. All have come from her customers.

The body copy on her Home Page has been completely re-written. Online sales are now set to overtake shop sales.

The cunning plan was to ask customers why they had walked through the door.

I was in the Portobello Road on a rainy day last Saturday with Sally, my wife. We went into several shops. We were politely ignored in most by the staff.

If you have seen Best Buy’s amazing focus on customer focus in the USA, you’ll understand why I was perplexed by the lack of hunger for sales in Notting Hill.

If you don’t know about Best Buy, click here.

Finally, a message to John Klawitter: I’m sorry. I haven’t listened to your post yet, but I will. Promise.