My 2010 European Tour Moves on to Istanbul

My next gig, 27 July 2010 On Tuesday, 27 July 2010, I’ll be teaching in Istanbul University’s Central Campus.

The topic is digital marketing. I’m greatly looking forward to this, even if I don’t seem to be able to download my e-ticket with Pegasus.

I’m OK about this, but my wife, Sally, is less relaxed. She is supposed to be coming with me.

I’ve just been reading an article about digital marketing in Turkey, where at least 27 million people are already on broadband, when a little article caught my eye. It said:

“On 4 June 2010, the High Council for Telecommunications reported having asked ISPs to block additional YouTube-linked IP addresses and, since then, Turkish Internet users have had problems accessing Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Translate, Google AdWords or Google Docs.”

In May, 2008, Turkey blocked YouTube, which is owned by Google, because of posts on YouTube which were disrespectful of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Turkish republic’s founder.

Why has this happened?

Well, I’ll know more when I get there, but I have also read that Google doesn’t appear to be paying its sales taxes in Turkey.