This Is My Accountant

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This is my accountant

Yes, this really is my accountant, although the photo was taken a little while ago.

If this photo doesn’t inspire you with confidence, don’t worry. You’re not alone. I’ll worry for both of us.

He studied Foreign Languages at Oxford, specialising in German, and then became an FCA. He’s not bad at cricket, thinks Iron Butterfly is a greatly under-rated band, and is a demon for grammar. Here’s an example from today, referring to my last blog, “Cooking in Paris, Feeling the Heat.”

He wrote to complain about a piece of text: “This meant that none of the videos associated with my slides were linked anymore.”

He went on to say, “No. It meant that Greensted was such a heathen that he did not know that the correct grammar is, “None of the videos associated with my slides was linked anymore.”

Well, he’s got a point. The verb should have been singular. And he’s also right to ask who I think my target readership is. And why am I doing it?

I’ve recently watched the case history videos for two winners of Best in Category Lions at Cannes last month. They are both inspiring, clever and funny. But I have no idea what they want me, or any other person in the street, to do having seen the work. Who is their target market, and what do they want these people to do having watched, for example, Nike’s Livestrong? (There’s plenty more of this particular campaign on YouTube.) And how is it going to make them money?

Cyberspace and digital campaigns need to keep in mind all the old verities.

These include target market, consumer insight, proposition, reason to believe, tone of voice, and desired outcome. And, no matter what you may read elsewhere, consumer insights are very helpful, as Dove and Burger King both found out to their advantage.

Last year, Burger King’s Whopper Sacrifice could not have been clearer about its target market, nor its consumer insight, nor anything else from the paragraph above.

And it worked so well that Facebook initiated legal proceedings to stop the campaign.

So, who is my target market?

Hmm, well. Umm. It’s definitely not my Mum because she’s not online.  So, it’s partly for my current work colleagues, most of whom never read it. And it’s partly to help get me new business.

But I’d be very interested to know more about who reads it and why.

If you have three minutes spare, please send me a comment, and tell me how and why you came to be reading this blog, unless you are my accountant. I’ve heard enough from him today, already.