It’s Hell in Paris

My lunch guest on 8 July 2010 in L'Hotel Amour, Paris, France

Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting with Workman, in London, an argument with my north Iraq Kurdish dry cleaner, and a trip to Paris with, possibly, my suit jacket which seems to be lost in the back room of the dry cleaners.

I’ll be teaching at ISCOM on Wednesday, 7 July, and the topic is digital marketing again, which is just as well since I’m beginning to get the hang of the thing.

The EACA School has set up a European Summer School in Paris, so I’d better turn up.

Later, I’ll slip away on Thursday for lunch with Celine Leguay.

I’ve always admired Celine. I hired her in something like 1999 to join Wnek Gosper Euro RSCG.

Celine had, I think been working for Dunhill, knew nothing about advertising, was very funny and confident, and clearly very capable. She was a great fearless hiring.

Her arrival was well timed. Euro RSCG is a French-owned agency, and we needed some token French. Jean-Louis Roche, Karine Marty, Paul Uhart, Anne-Sophie Bu, and a bunch of other genial French slipped easily into the agency. I loved it. The week following the French defeat of New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup would have been a special memory had our in-house French colleagues not kept the whole agency and most of our clients completely plastered. They certainly stopped us wondering how the England team was faring.

Celine sent me an email today:

“Let’s meet at 12.30pm. I’ve booked a table at the restaurant of the “Hotel Amour” (please don’t see any kinky message there!!), which has a cute little patio. It’s 8 Rue de Navarin, 75009 (metro St Georges, ligne 12, or Pigalle ligne 2).”

Yes.  I’ll be there.