New Dates Added To My European Tour

The Tour rolls on

My roadies await me

This is going to be a very brief blog, so don’t get comfy.

It looks like Denmark can’t live without me. I’ve always thought the Danes are right-thinking people, especially since the males in my family appear to have invaded England somewhere around 650AD. They brought their women with them, but only because they needed someone to row the boats. My wife’s family came from Norway at about the same time, and she takes the view that it took real rapists and pillagers to row the trip from Trondheim to Lerwick.

Well, that’s girls for you.

Anyway, the tour dates are :

10-11 June, Warsaw

15-18 June, Kiev

6-8 July, Paris

27-30 July, Istanbul

17 November, Aarhus

18 November, Copenhagen

If you want tickets, let me know.

I rang my bank before going to Kiev and told the chap at the other end of the line that I was going to be travelling. When I told him the destinations he asked if I played in a rock band.

My next blog will describe yesterday’s attempt to find a suitable web agency for a client.

Anyone for a Digital Bootcamp?