2010 European Tour

Off to illuminate Europe

Start of my 2010 European Tour

Yes, it’s time for me to go on tour for the European Association of Communications Agencies School (EACA).

My 2010 European Tour kicks off on Thursday, 10 June in Warsaw with Richard Stacy. And then, at a speed which would render younger men than me infertile, on to Kiev, Paris and Istanbul. Fortunately for Richard’s marital prospects, he’s leaving me after Warsaw.

I’m telling you about this Tour because I hope you’ll miss me, and check back from time to time to find out if I’m still alive. I’ll definitely post a blog after each seminar or workshop. The seminars and workshops are all written to a specific brief, which is different for each country.

I spent time with Libby Child today of  Aprais in Covent Garden. She made some helpful and illuminating comments concerning the Warsaw workshop, and was graciously pleased to declare my presentation fully airworthy. She also liked the Digital Boot Camp idea greatly, so I’ll see if I can interest any Poles, Ukrainians, French or Turks in trying one. And, if you would like to attend a Digital Boot Camp, please let me know.

Anyway, thanks, Libby, for your patience and advice.

The tour dates are :

10-11 June, Warsaw

15-18 June, Kiev

6-8 July, Paris

27-30 July, Istanbul

Yes, my public wants me. Who am I to deny them? I wonder, though, what they’ve been told to expect?