A Geek Is Not Just For Christmas

Geek Girl

Geeks can be very scrummy

There are nearly thirty posts on this blog. I started in March this year, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A number of people have been in touch, either through the blog or by email, to comment and to make suggestions. I thank you all, surprised that anyone is bothering to read the thing. My wife certainly isn’t.

But the most surprising thing has been a blog I wrote a little while ago called Be Good To Your Geek.

This one blog has had nearly more hits than all the others added together. Perhaps this is the only blog which is actually readable and the rest are just drivel.

Or maybe there really is a bit of a problem with non-technical people getting on with geeks. It’s true. Some of them can be a bit weird. But I’ve known some very weird people in TV production who are no longer alive to tell us quite why their PAs were often required to wear gym slips. The truth is, we can all get along with each other if we make an effort.

I had lunch with a lady yesterday who will have to remain anonymous. Let’s call her Wilhelmina Hogwhistle. She’s a sort of marriage guidance counsellor for agencies and clients. Wilhelmina is busy. There’s plenty of work for her.

We sat in the sunshine outside Saltyard in Goodge Street, and ate tapas.  Wilhelmina had any number of worrying stories of senior advertising agency management being at a loss to know how to integrate digital marketing into their agencies. I hasten to say I have no idea who these people are since she is very discreet, but I’m not surprised by what she said.

On Friday next week, I’ll be in Warsaw at a conference for The European Association of Communications Agencies, or EACA. Richard Stacy and I are going to be the guest speakers in the morning. My task is to explain in half an hour how to integrate digital marketing into a traditional agency. I’m going armed with video interviews from Tim Duffy, Chairman M&C Saatchi, Wendy Proctor, Head of The Client Team, COI, Chris Pinnington, Global CEO, Euro RSCG, Viv Dunn, Owner, Vital Marketing and Anne Cyron, recently Beam Brands. Thank you all.

At the end of my talk, I’m going to cover the possibility of running Digital Boot Camps in Europe. These would be day-long events for agency management, planners, geeks, account handlers and creatives. Broken into mixed syndicates, they would take five briefs consecutively, in increasing complexity and difficulty, pitching as they go. There’d be two pitches in the morning and three in the afternoon.

If you are one of the people who have been reading Be Good To Your Geek and have been nervously wondering whether to give it a go, please contact me via WordPress or LinkedIn (my full name is Stephen Greensted) and tell me. If we get enough interest we’ll do it.