Cyanide On The Doorstep

I was cheerful until I heard this miserable CD.

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

I was happy until I listened to this CD, High Violet by New York’s The National.

Why are they so miserable?

The final track is called Vandervyle Crybaby Geeks. The title might give you a clue that the tone of of the CD is not exactly optimistic.

I am very cheerful at the moment, and don’t need to be miserabled up.

The Lib-Lab deal seems to have collapsed.  Muy bien!

The Times today had a blistering leading article today on the Liberal Democrats’ rather poor behaviour. I’m a LibDem, but I agreed with every word of it. The Tories got the biggest vote. Let’s go with it. There’s not a lot wrong with democracy, but there is a tubload of problems with our current system.

In brief, enjoy the news.