Lessons from The General Election

Ten Downing Street

10 Downing Street

Here are ten lessons from yesterday’s General Election as they seem to me, a digital marketing consultant:

The TV debates added to the national gaiety, but made no discernible difference to the result.

Digital marketing made no difference either.

People voted on predictable tribal lines.

There is no national consensus.

The key issue, that of which Party is best qualified to manage the economy, was never really debated.

Political ideology seems to have become irrelevant.

Recent immigrants tended to vote for Labour.

For once, the opinion polls were an accurate guide to what was to be the outcome of the election.

Minimal attendance at Parliament, especially in Glenda Jackson’s case, does not seem to be a bar to being re-elected.

It’s quite OK to insult female pensioners who are out shopping for a loaf of bread. It, too, will have no effect on your ability to get re-elected.

And that, I think, just about covers the waterfront.