Is WordPress Better Than Sex?

A wedding reception in 1987

Micky Denehy clings to Steve and Dick for support

The year of this photo is 20 August 1988.

On the left is me, Steve Greensted. In the middle is Micky Denehy. And on the right is Dick Butler. Micky’s cheerfulness is explained by his having just married Vicky. I think the photographer was Simon Myers.

The future Principal of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) School is in the middle, blissfully unaware that at 2.30 on 26 April, 2010, nearly twenty-two years later, I’d stride into his conservatory, scoff his wife Vicky’s bacon and thyme quiche, glug down some wine, distribute a present or two, admire his son’s artwork, and then hand him a copy of WordPress for Dummies.

“Read it, dude,” I said. “It’s time to get digital. Also, we can’t afford a web designer, so you’ll have to do.”

He swallowed hard. He knows things are tight. I ‘ve already seen the start of his Christmas list. At the top are the words “Web Designer”.

Yes. It was a bit of a gamble, I know, but a worthwhile one, especially since Vicky, who can draw, was paying close attention.

The next day, after not much more than an hour, Micky Denehy had written the start of The EACA School’s website using WordPress.

Micky is a charming chap, but has always looked queasy when in the company of MS-DOS, GCOS-7, Fortran, COBOL and more recent stuff like Linux and Windows.

“I never knew it was so bloody easy,” he shyly murmured to me down the phone, his tone warm and musky, wondering all the while if WordPress is better than sex.

It might just be.

And, if you’re an aspiring web designer, please get in touch. We might still need you if the excitement proves too great.