Is Digital For You? We’ll Soon Find Out.

My boss looking cheerful

Micky volunteering to try WordPress

How difficult can digital be? I suspect the answer is, “Not very much.” All the service suppliers are knocking out their brains trying to make it easy, including Google.

Micky Denehy and I worked together in the Decade of Excesses, 1980 to 1989 at Gold Greenlees Trott. Actually, I didn’t see that much of him since he kept taking off a year or two to drag his wife round Uruguay. She was trying to run a furniture restoration business in Petherton Road, Islington, at the time.  I met her today after a break of some years, but she still doesn’t seem to hold any bad feelings towards him.

Anyway, he’s back now, and is my boss at the EACA School – how did this happen? – which stands for the European Association of Communications Agencies.

I’ve just been to lunch at Micky and Vicky’s lovely 1860s house next to Henley, where the sun shone brightly.

Micky sort of butched up, and said that I was always telling him that websites, blogs and so on are easier than you think, so he’s going to have the first stab at the EACA School Blog. Have a look at Micky in Paul Burns’ garden last year talking about the EACA School’s 2009 program. We are going to be posting a 2010 version on YouTube shortly, but this gives a fairly good idea of both his and the School’s aims. Amongst our course tutors, there are any number, including me, willing to help should things go wrong with this putative blog.

But they won’t.

Advanced open CMS systems like this one are not entirely bullet-proof but they are almost there. I’ll keep you informed about how this goes.

Blogs are just like websites. They need relevance, frequency and content. Tags are very important too, as is categorisation. Remember also, please, that inbound links to websites help move your Google rankings upwards because they suggest to other people that there’s some worthwhile content on your site. Google doesn’t pay any attention to outbound links. So get your chums to link inwards to your blog.

Three other things to remember:

  1. Google has dramatically downgraded the importance of meta-tags
  2. If you’re caught by Google using link-bundlers or farmers, your site will be punished in the rankings
  3. Google keeps saying that it finds Flash very difficult to rank, so tag clearly any pictures or videos you post. Better still, don’t use Flash unless you are so well known, like Apple, that you can tell Google to take a running jump into the lake, which most of us can’t.

Something else to remember is that inbound links are tradeable commodities. If I send you one, I’ll expect one back or will remove the link. And that will count against your site’s ranking,

If you are interested in joining an EACA School program, then please get in touch.