A Sunny Day in Canary Wharf and Primrose Hill

Dove Real Women Campaign

A great idea based upon a huge insight

Yesterday, on a bright sunny day, I sat outside La Tasca, opposite Fisherman’s Walk in Canary Wharf, with a senior chap from Ogilvy.

We talked about Blue Hive and what it is hoped it will achieve, and we discussed old chums, who, in my case seem to be diminishing alarmingly quickly.

One of the old chums we discussed, though, isn’t that old and is in rude good health. Daryl Fielding is now VP Marketing Europe for Kraft, but she worked before then at Lowe Howard-Spink and later at Ogilvy and Mather. Daryl moved on to become commercial director at The Independent before getting the job at Kraft. I wish her every success. She’s recently been very helpful to me.

My lunchtime companion was talking about idea theft, which plagues agencies.  At Leo Burnett, I was part of the team which re-positioned Lucozade from sickness to health. You’ll find most course-work now says it was Ogilvy and Mather which came up with the idea. I don’t think , though, that the current version of O&M, Ogilvy, puts this about.

Anyway, he said, “No matter how many people wanted to claim authorship of the Dove idea, everyone knows the author of the Campaign for Real Beauty was Daryl.” This was very refreshing, even though I had been wondering if I should claim it for my own. We sipped our Rioja and looked as virtuous as we could.

Later, I went to a funeral wake in Primrose Hill at The Princess of Wales pub in Chalcot Road. The wake was for Michael Jackson who was a long-time TV producer at Hobson Bates and then Ted Bates. I can’t offhand remember which were his commercials, but none of us were there for that.

We were there because he was a very pleasant and decent man who consistently did what he said he would do.

And that, I suppose, is more important than what’s on your showreel.

One other thing, simply because this is a digital blog. During the course of the day, someone said to me concerning digital marketing, “Advertising agency people have plenty of ability but no experience.”