The 2010 UK General Election

Has he really got a hope?

Gordon Brown being jolly

This is a quick post.

Never mind about the polls: how is this cheerless person going to win this General Election?

Click here to see why Gordon Brown looks doomed. The clip lasts less than 30″, but it says it all.

I have voted in every election since I passed eighteen, but I have never voted Labour nor Conservative.

Nothing makes me think I’ll vote for either this time round. Had Gordon Brown actually been elected to the post of Prime Minister, I might have felt a little better about this hapless person. Have a look at Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man to see what he had to say in the 18th Century about unelected monarchs and functionaries:

“Government ought to be a thing always in full maturity. It ought to be so constructed as to be superior to all the accidents to which individual man is subject; and therefore, hereditary succession, by being subject to them all, is the most irregular and imperfect of all the systems of government.”

If you liked the link four paragraphs above, have a look at this one if you missed the Fern Britton interview. There’s also an interview on YouTube. In this, Andrew Neill chats with Fern Britton about the interview. It lasts more than ten minutes so arm yourself with a scotch and a tissue to wipe away the tears of laughter if you fancy it.

This election will be hugely affected by Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

But, ultimately, character will be key, as it was between Nixon with his permanent 5 o’ clock shadow and Kennedy with his freshly scrubbed face.

And that’s why Gordon Brown is likely to find that, as the Emperor Hirohito said in 1945 in his first broadcast to the Japanese that, “The progress of the war is not necessarily proceeding to our advantage.”

He was speaking immediately after the second atomic bomb had obliterated Nagasaki.

Sayonara, Brown-san.