What I found lurking on my laptop

Check your installed programs, don’t download free software and don’t trust what the websites promise about not installing other programs if you click No in the acceptance box. Get some spyware protection now especially if you do not have access to an IT department.. Norton didn’t pick up the intrusions I had.

The Pain In Spain

King Juan Carlos warned his fellow Spaniards that the building boom was not only ruining Spain’s coastline, but that it would also end in disaster. He was right on both counts.

The BBMF Lancaster and Semiotics

Many of the myths of the Second World War which help define the UK as a nation are helped kept alive by the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s aircraft, and will do so long after all who were alive during WW2 are dead. These myths are the meat and drink of semiotics

Semiotics and successful new business pitches

You definitely should judge a book by its cover. Any half-capable art director will put in all the cultural clues needed by a potential purchaser to judge if the book you hold is what you’ll enjoy reading. So why had this digital agency got some key cultural signposts so badly wrong, so much so that it wasn’t winning new business? Semiotics were the answer.